The Birthing Goddesses
My body artwork became a spiritual journey that allowed me to connect with these birthing
mothers and to their cosmic creations. I believe that mothers should be recognized for their majestic
role in this ongoing mysterious cycle of birth and creation. My goal was to express the miraculous
journey of the mother, to honor the importance of her role as a life-giver and a nurturer. With my
artwork, I attempted to create a mirror to reflect to the outside world the metaphysical journeys of the
pregnant mothers. My words must end here as I welcome you to dive into the worlds of these living
Goddesses, magical feminine creatures out of an alien mythological odyssey.
She is in the midst of the great transformation. Her familiar self that loves freedom, control, and
independence is slowly falling apart as it is no longer has a purpose to serve on this new journey into the
motherhood. The ancient mother energy is emerging, finding a way through the fears and limitations of
the old self. This primeval mother goddess is a powerful creator, grounded in her being, fearless on her
journey, as she embraces all forms of life with her loving heart. She is on a birthing journey into the
great mystery, birthing of the Supernova.

They have not met each other yet but she can already sense his spirit. His spirit has no smell, she
cannot touch him or see him, yet it is an energy that feels already so familiar to her. His energy gently
warms her heart and fills in the ancient void inside her chest. His energy feels like a soulmate she was
longing for ages. Although they have not met yet in this physical realm, they are already eternally
connected. How many lives have they shared before? Were they always mother and son?

To give him life, she is surrendering for the first time in her life. She surrenders her body,
identity, her independence, as she goes through conscious unfolding and shedding the layers of the self.
She is laying a path for birth of the Supernova, the great mystery she has not yet met but already knows
for eternity.

Photos by Max Allison
Photos by Max Allison
Photos by Max Allison
Pregnant in White
From time to time I see miracles in human bodies.
This is one of them, a treasure box...ready to reveal a real jewel to the world.