Marina Polakoff is a San Francisco Bay Area based
leading expert 
on high-end face painting and body art

With her extensive background in fine arts and haute couture fashion, she brings her unique talent to help people express their inner world as beautifully flawless painted works on their faces and bodies.
Marina specializes in picturesque renderings of desired themes and characters, ranging from edgy, modern and whimsical, to classical and timeless.

Named by 7x7 Magazine as Bay Area Top 5 Fashion Designer to participate in San Francisco's Fashion Week

Winner of  "Dress of the Year"  International Fashion Design Competition in Moscow, Russia

Two time winner of the International Fashion Designers Contest "Admiralty Needle"  in St.-Petersburg, Russia

Winner of the 2nd Moscow Fashion Illustrators Competition

Laureate of artistic skill competition dedicated to 850-year anniversary of Moscow City foundation

Finalist of the Moscow round of the "Smirnoff" international design competition

Prize-winner of the Clothes Design Competition conducted by "Boutique" magazine in Italy